Sunday Classes

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Adult Sunday School

Adult Sunday School

This Bible study is for all adults and meets in Room 208 during the Sunday School hour.

Currently, the class is studying the book of John.

Please see Victor Vazquez with any questions or further details.

Women's Sunday School

The Women's Bible study will meet in the Fireside Room during the Sunday School hour. 

All women are welcome and invited.

Contact Becky Newhuis or Debbie Vazquez for further details.

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Middle School Sunday School

For 6th - 8th grades

Class starts after worship service in the Youth Room. 

This class is run like a small group, we study various books of the Bible and apply the truths to our own lives.

High School Sunday School

For high school students 9th - 12th grade

Class starts after worship service in Room 205. 

The purpose of the High School Sunday School is to train our students in the doctrines of Scripture. We believe the best way of doing this is through teaching the Westminster Larger and Short Catechisms. This class teaches the importance of needing a deeper understanding of God and our relationship with Him and helps our students become more effective tools for God in our community.

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Shining Stars Sunday School & Children's Ministry

For Preschool Children to 5th grade 


The purpose of Shining Stars Children's Ministry is to introduce, teach, and encourage the biblical education of our children from Pre-Kindergarten through 5th grade. We communicate the gospel through formal and informal opportunities. Our methods allow us to help children strengthen and build their faith and their relationship with our Lord Jesus, so that they may be able to share the Light of Jesus Christ with others.


Please join us at the Children's Ministries Registration Desk in the South Foyer to register your children for our Sunday Morning activities in the Nursery, WOW and Little Wow.

If you have any questions about registering your child for Sunday School, please contact Mary Watts