April 12, 2022 Dustin Huckstep

A Tuesday Psalm

A Tuesday Psalm

Holy Week Psalm Reflections

Psalm 71:1–14 (CSB)

   1 LORD, I seek refuge in you; 

   let me never be disgraced. 

   2 In your justice, rescue and deliver me; 

   listen closely to me and save me. 

   3 Be a rock of refuge for me, 

   where I can always go. 

   Give the command to save me, 

   for you are my rock and fortress. 

   4 Deliver me, my God, from the power of the wicked, 

   from the grasp of the unjust and oppressive. 

   5 For you are my hope, Lord GOD, 

   my confidence from my youth. 

   6 I have leaned on you from birth; 

   you took me from my mother’s womb. 

   My praise is always about you. 

   7 I am like a miraculous sign to many, 

   and you are my strong refuge. 

   8 My mouth is full of praise 

   and honor to you all day long. 

   9 Don’t discard me in my old age. 

   As my strength fails, do not abandon me. 

   10 For my enemies talk about me, 

   and those who spy on me plot together, 

   11 saying, “God has abandoned him; 

   chase him and catch him, 

   for there is no one to rescue him.” 

   12 God, do not be far from me; 

   my God, hurry to help me. 

   13 May my adversaries be disgraced and destroyed; 

   may those who intend to harm me 

   be covered with disgrace and humiliation. 

   14 But I will hope continually 

   and will praise you more and more.